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Calcium Bentonite Tin 200 g
Calcium Bentonite Bucket 2.5 kg || 10 kg
Calcium Bentonite Bag 8 kg || 25 kg
Bentonite Ultrafine Tin 200 g
Bentonite Ultrafine Bucket 2 kg || 8 kg
Bentonite Ultrafine Bag 6 kg || 20 kg
Sikron SF 500 Tin 200 g
Sikron SF 500 Bucket 2 kg || 8 kg
Sikron SF 500 Bag 8 kg || 20 kg
Molasses Canister 2.5 litre || 10 litre || 600 litre

Effect of Penergetic b Soil Improvement


Effect of Penergetic B Wild Bore deterrent


Regenerating Soil Life

Penergetic-b promotes the formation and regeneration of soil life (humus formation) as well as the formation of mycorrhizae. By activating soil life, soil fertility is lastingly improved and the soil structure (tillage) is optimised. In addition, rotting is promoted (aerobic metabolic processes in the soil) which speeds up the rotting process.

Healthy soil - healthy plants

Soil is one of the most important factors of life. In a handful of soil there are more living organisms than people on earth. By applying Penergetic-b this microbiology will be strengthened and supported.

Why Penergetic-b?

Declining soil fertility and humus loss affect yields. Fertilisers and various applications are used to maintain yields, but often these agents cause a further decline in soil fertility and environmental pollution at the same time. Using Penergetic-b improves the soil quality and promotes healthy root systems.

What can Penergetic-b be combined with?

Penergetic-b can be mixed with other agents such as herbicides, pesticides, chemical or biological substances (it should not be used together with fungicides). It is possible to improve the effectiveness of these agents in this way; therefore, we recommend reducing spraying agents. It is necessary to monitor exactly to what extent these agents can be reduced, this should be carried out in several steps. However, the instructions from the manufacturers of the individual products must be adhered to.

To optimise results even further, Penergetic-b can also be combined with Penergetic-p. Penergetic-b promotes essential nutrients from the clay-humus complexes in the soil being dissolved that are otherwise not available to the plants, e.g. phosphorus, and Penergetic-p promotes root growth and stimulates the plants' metabolism so that the increased availability of nutrients can be converted into increased productivity. After applying Penergetic-b it is necessary to wait for at least 10 days before Penergetic-p is applied.


Benefits of Penergetic-b

Stimulates soil biology

Increases nutrient availability

Improves soil quality

Activates the microbiology

Improves the mineralising process

Stimulates and increases microbial interaction and balance in the soil

Specialised Penergetic-g products


Slurry produced by dairy cattle sometimes contains a large amount of straw. For this purpose, Penergetic-g/k was developed. Its use has proven that the rotting of straw can be sped up and the formation of floating layers reduced. Please also refer to Penergetic-g FAQ for more details and application notes.

Penergetic-g for pig slurry

Only used for pig slurry. Please see the Penergetic-g application notes on the resources page, Penergetic-g FAQ for more details.

Are there any other specialised products?

Penergetic offer further specific Penergetic-g products, please ask our representative for details or contact us via our contact page.

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