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What is Penergetic?

Penergetic products provide a complete solution for plants, animals, humans and agriculture based on natural bio technology, improving and supporting weakened environmental processes with lasting stability. Not only do Penergetic products deal with the symptoms, they go right to the root cause of the problem. Sustainability can only be achieved by healing our environment in its entirety.

Penergetic products include:

Natural additives and supplements in the animal feed sector.

Natural additives that effectively boost the quality, health and yield of plants.

Optimum liquid manure and slurry treatment products.

Informed products which activate healthy soil life and composting.

Water treatment systems which embrace a vitalisation of drinking water, water regeneration of swimming pools, ponds, and large bodies of water for agriculture, residential, commercial and industrial use.

The principle behind the technology

There are similarities to classic homeopathy: in Penergetic products, specific frequencies (oscillations) emanate from a neutral carrier substance causing a stimulating and catalysing effect on biological systems.

Following biological cycles

Penergetic products support and activate where biological systems are imbalanced. Rather than treating the symptoms of the problem, these products address the source of the problem. A long-term stabilisation of the problem can only occur once a cleansing of the whole environmental surroundings has taken place (e.g. agriculture, industry, household). Penergetic products allow these cycles to be closed efficiently and sustainably. The products that we work with are very versatile; in other words, they can be used everywhere where natural resources need to be preserved, cared for or strengthened.

Agricultural system solutions

Penergetic agricultural products are used to support natural cycles of the farm. Using minimal application rates, naturally available resources are stimulated (e.g. microbiology) and the use of artificial products such as chemicals, fertilisers and pesticides can be reduced by an average of around 20%. This allows a harmonious transition to a more natural way of farming and the quality of farm products is improved.

Holistic agriculture – creating a better future

Sustainable agriculture, biological farming and holistic agriculture are interchangeable terms often used to describe an approach to farming that considers the interrelationship between soil, plants and animals in a closed-loop system of nourishment. Sustainable agriculture seeks to support economic viability, environmental stewardship and social responsibility. 

Penergetic products embody these same principles of sustainability. By taking a holistic approach to agriculture, farm manure is optimised, soil fertility is strengthened, animal health is naturally supported and plants are fortified.

How does Penergetic differ from other products?

The principles of the Penergetic method are based on the laws of traditional natural science and the much-discussed spin theory of quantum physics.

Quantum physics delineates that all organisms (plants, animals, etc.) and all matter have their own characteristic spin (vortex, rotary motion) and corresponding specific bio magnetic field.

The Penergetic technology makes it possible to program the spin of an original substance onto another substance, referred to as the carrier material. When a carrier material, programmed in a field strength of a few pico-Tesla is applied, it emits energetic impulses to the area of usage (manure, water, soil, plants, animals, etc.), where desirable biological processes are initiated or promoted (if there is resonance).

Penergetic product benefits

Increased yield  •  Conservation of soil and groundwater  •  Gentle on resources  •  Producing high quality meat

Brazil has been using the Penergetic technology for a decade. Here’s an example of one farmer’s comment: “The application of Penergetic-k and Penergetic-p provides us with greater stability of production, especially in the years of moisture deficiency (drought). The corn and soy beans appeared more resistant and resulted in an increase in productivity. The application of Penergetic-k, in combination with herbicides, increased the efficiency of our weed control program.”

Romeu Borges, Agropecuaria Takaoka-Iaras SP